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TalksMe is a versatile and comprehensive online platform that primarily centers around article submission, but also provides features for profile creation and startup submissions. It serves as a one-stop destination for individuals, businesses, and startups seeking to share their knowledge, ideas, and innovations with a global audience.

At its core, TalksMe offers a user-friendly article submission system that allows writers, bloggers, and subject matter experts to publish their content on a wide range of topics. This empowers users to showcase their expertise, disseminate valuable information, and engage with readers from all around the world.

Apart from article submission, TalksMe offers profile creation functionalities, enabling users to create personal or business profiles with detailed information about themselves or their organizations. This feature helps establish credibility and fosters networking opportunities, connecting like-minded individuals and businesses with potential collaborators or customers.

For startups and entrepreneurs, TalksMe provides a unique avenue to submit their innovative ideas, projects, or products. By offering startup submissions, the platform aims to support and promote emerging businesses, helping them gain visibility and attract potential investors or partners.

With a global reach, TalksMe offers an international audience, allowing individuals and businesses to connect with readers, users, and potential collaborators from various corners of the world. This global approach encourages cross-cultural exchange, fosters diverse perspectives, and promotes a vibrant community of knowledge-sharing.

Overall, TalksMe is a powerful and inclusive platform that caters to a wide range of users, encompassing article writers, professionals, startups, and anyone looking to expand their reach and impact on a global scale. Through its article submission, profile creation, and startup submission functionalities, TalksMe empowers its users to engage, inspire, and collaborate in a borderless online environment